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Our 6 week Summer Youth Boxing Camp will help your child with more than just getting exercise. This sport requires so much strength, control and stamina. Child athletes from all sports at all levels  have found our boxing program to heighten their game in whatever sport they participate in. Boxing can help sharpen your child’s problem solving skills and will teach them about overall health and fitness. Extreme focus is needed during these classes, in which can help in the classroom. Boxing can help control one’s anger and aggression, being taught self-discipline and determination. These classes are great for everyone and is also a great way for siblings and family to do something together. Best of all, are the new relationships being built, meeting other children with the same interest.


 As their Coach, we will lean to set goals and press to accomplish those goals feeling proud and happy for overcoming something so challenging, in which gives them the motivation to continue wanting to improve. Boxing requires intense concentration and improves children’s mental strength, memory and focus. This program teaches self-defense, helping your children feel and become more confident. Your child will be so much stronger, more respectful toward their peers and be proud of themselves as they continue to grow, learn and accomplish new goals during each class. 

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