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Champ Camp Boxing

Includes 12 classes/month M/W: 6pm & Sat: 10am

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MUST SIGN UP FOR ENTIRE MONTH (12 sessions) NO DROP-INS AVAILABLE Includes 12 Classes/month M/W: 6pm & Sat: 10am No Boxing experience whatsoever? Not a problem! Male or Female, Whether you have no experience at all or have trained your whole life, you’ll all be taking the same exact class learning all the same techniques. Train with other competitive and Professional Boxer’s, learning from the absolute best! Each class you will be taught and continually work on the fundamentals of boxing. You will learn the proper footwork, balance and technique to develop the maximum power and accuracy on all of your punches and combinations (straight, hooks, upper cuts). You will also learn ring generalship and defense such as lateral movement, slipping and catching punches. Most importantly, you will learn conditioning to develop your stamina, earning you the best shape of your life regardless of your age. DURING CLASS YOU CAN EXPECT THE FOLLOWING: Jump Roping HIIT Core Footwork Drills Shadow Boxing Working Mitts Heavy Bag Slipping Punches Techniques WHY BOXING? DID YOU KNOW Boxing has so many health benefits! “Boxing works your entire body and combines periods of anaerobic, aerobic, and strength building”. Boxing can help protect you from heart disease. It can help improve total body strength, better hand-eye coordination, improve body composition and generally decrease stress from your daily lives. Boxing can help improve your overall mental health. “Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health” Boxing is an excellent form of stress relief and stimulates endorphin production. Stress causes muscle tension that can collect overtime when dealing with stressful situations. Boxing helps especially, considering when one punches the heavy bag, they are relieving this tension, increasing concentration helping one forget why they were even stressed in the first place. BURN MORE CALORIES! This amazing full body workout can make you burn up to a thousand calories each workout. Even better, the harder you hit, the more you burn! The anaerobic breakdown of your large muscle groups such as legs, back, chest and arms will reshape your body as well as raise your metabolic rate! Which means that you will actually be burning more calories at rest, even while sleeping!

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  • 2200 Lake Washington Boulevard, West Sacramento, CA, USA

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